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I had the fortune to interview Sarah Tolmie, medievalist, poet and novelist, about her novella with Tor.com, All the Horses of Iceland. We were hosted on The Great Raven, a blog owned by Sue Bursztynski.

I’m proud of this interview, which roves, like the novella, from Iceland to the steppe: The Secret History of the Mongols and Icelandic sagas; magic, priests, and shamans; historical fantasy and history; women, disability, and ghosts. If I can boast (and on my own blog who’s to stop me?), Sarah said, ‘These were the best questions about a book I have ever answered’ — and her answers are fire. Please visit The Great Raven and read.

An interview with Sarah Tolmie


Jamuqa and the King of the Dead

The Protagonist Speaks is a blog run by Assaph Mehr, publishing character interviews. This week Jamuqa gets a turn.

Through my novels Against Walls and Imaginary Kings, Jamuqa speaks often about Irle Khan, the King of the Dead. I thought I’d explore this fascination (identification?) of his in my ‘interview’. Because the blog is primarily for fantasy, I chose fantasy-adjacent elements from my historical fiction. I always felt my Mongol epics were fantasy-adjacent, or fit for a fantasy audience.

The hymn to the King of the Dead I adapted from a song found in Oral Epics of Central Asia by Nora K. Chadwick.

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Image © Rixipix/istock. Snow leopard, used on the cover of Me and Atrocity (Amgalant 2.1)