The UB Post on Walker Pearce

Yesterday I got up the gumption to send Jack Weatherford a fan email. Not only didn’t he mind, he took time to answer and even inquire into this site. Proud to have his feet here, I can tell you. Right, I’ve always been the hero-worship type, but his work is inspirational and of enormous use to me, and if my spirits were flagging, daunted by Three ahead and who cares about these subjects in the world? his kindness has given me the spurt I need.

He sent me a story from the UB Post, ‘Expats in UB’ by Allyson Seaborn, on his wife Walker Pearce who has adventured over Mongolia in a wheelchair. Now, I’d seen this… hey, I’m a fan, I keep track. Maybe you haven’t – here’s a link. Follow the link, because these are two wonderful people, loved in Mongolia. As Jack Weatherford is quoted to say in the story, it isn’t the official honours he’s had there that matter most to the both of them, but the daily “care and warmth”.

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