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2 thoughts on “Good cop/bad cop: Chinggis/Genghis

  1. Another fascinating post. It reminded me of Weatherford’s excerpt from The Canterbury Tales:

    This noble king was called Genghis Khan,
    Who in his time was of great renown
    That there was nowhere in no region
    So excellent a lord in all things.
    He lacked nothing that belonged to a king.
    As of the sect of which he was born
    He kept his law, to which that he was sworn.
    And thereto he was hardy, wise, and rich,
    And piteous and just, always liked;
    Soothe of his word, benign, and honorable,
    Of his courage as any center stable;
    Young, fresh, and strong, in arms desirous
    As any bachelor of all his house.
    A fair person he was and fortunate,
    And kept always so well royal estate
    That there was nowhere such another man.
    This noble king, the Tartar Genghis Khan.

    A long way from there to “Hitler.” Which makes me wonder if the 10 novels in your collection are all post-WWII? It seems like that war has become such a powerful lens on the past. Its as if all military conquerors are tainted some how by association. Weatherford also discussed how Chinggis deliberately embellished accounts of his victories to make them seem as brutal as possible in order to instil fear and increase the likelihood of non-violent capitulation in future battles. Maybe his psyops were good enough to remain effective all these centuries later?

    • Don, that’s a truly interesting thought: post WWII. Yes they are. And… those almost novelesque historians who wrote before or during WWII, quite obviously to me now, did not have that sitting on their shoulders. Edward Gibbon is another who judges him leniently. You’re right. We have, since, associated him with 20thC figures & events, and cannot easily detach again. Perhaps he was once more configured to Napoleon, to slightly different effect. In his own age Alexander was the inescapable configuration. So much so that I’m speculating right now whether/how much the Alexander example pressured history itself into imitation…

      His psyops still operating in his rep today, yes, perhaps as much as the enemy war accounts.

      I almost extended this post to talk about Mongol image in Europe during the Mongol age. Things to set alongside the Chaucer: a beautiful Mongol face painted by Giotto, Boiardo’s admirable enemy — a likeable Mongol king in Orlando Innamorato. Europe didn’t only know or portray them in panic chronicles where Mongol eat babies. Very interested in their face in Europe, while the Mongol Age was going on — saved for another post, though still scraping up material too.

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